It is the time of necessary equipping (October 2014)

My words first in everything is the purifying I bring (October 2014)

Your time in the desert is over (March 2015)

Yield to the holy Spirit (April 2015)

The sound of the sending (April 2015)

You are not too late (April 2015)

The dawning of a new day (April 2015)

Explosion (April 2015)

Desire being fulfilled (April 2015)

Tongues and interpretation (April 2015)

The place of peace (May 2015)

It is my longing to teach and to train you (May 2015)

Speed (May 2015)

This is your time (May 2015)

There is no compromise in me (May 2015) 

It is all true and you will walk in it (June 2015) 

Yield and Obey (July 2015) 

I deliver grace (August 2015)

His peace is eliminating all fear (September 2015)

Many shall be healed in the turmoil (October 2015)

Your loved ones - I am pursuing them (October 2015) 

My work in your lives is strong (October 2015)

I want to use your prayers for your nation (October 2015)

I am yours and you are mine (October 2015)

A supernatural peace and a complete refreshing (October 2015)

Take your hope from the word (October 2015)

I place great value on humility (October 2015)

Yield to my wooing (November 2015) 

Diligence shall be measured by consistency (December 2015) 

As your path gets narrow (March 2016)

You are well able to conquer (March 2016)

The house of God (September 2016)

Midnight Hour (November 2016)

I desire you (December 2016)

More change is about to appear (March 2017)

Come to Me (April 2017) 

Come Deeper (February 2018) 

Acting on Truth (June 2018)

The Spirit knows what He is doing (December 2018) 

The new radical (December 2018)